Navigating the World of Microsoft Power Apps: A Beginner’s Guide 

Welcome to the dynamic universe of Microsoft Power Apps, a vital component of the Power Platform ecosystem. Understanding the nuances of Power Apps is crucial for businesses embarking on a digital transformation journey. Let us dive into the distinct features of each app type and how they can add value to your business. 

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Canvas Apps: Your Task-Specific Solution 

Canvas Apps are small applications capable of running in a browser or on a mobile device using the Power App application. Typically created to enable a user to complete a specific task or role. An example of a Canvas App could be a building site manager using the app to collect data as they tour their site to create a daily report. 

There are 3-key ways to create an app: 

  • Connect to a current data source; 
  • Create a Canvas App from a clean slate – deciding what data you want to collect or interact with and designing the app from there (the most common method); and 
  • Using Templates, pre-build and available through the interface. 

Apps can have multiple controls added using a pre-provisioned gallery and can have multiple screens. Users creating the app have easy-to-access and integrated options for labels, buttons, forms, checkboxes, and galleries to make the app useable. The system also provides an App Checker tool to check any formulas are valid, that the app will not pose a reliability problem, that the app is usable with keyboards and screen reading tools and there will be no performance issues. Finally, the platform enables users to conduct rigorous testing before deployment using test cases/suites and assertions. 

Publishing the app does not require additional software beyond access to a browser or mobile platform with the app owner retaining the rights to grant access to authenticated and authorised users. 

Model-Driven Apps: Streamlining Your Business Data Interaction 

Model-driven apps enable your business to create an application to access and update their data held in the Dataverse whilst observing business rules and the business-designed flows to aid productivity. 

They utilise powerful features in the Power Platform to validate data, perform calculations on data, and enable easy form data input using user-defined business rules. Security of the data is managed by the configuration the business sets in the Common Data Service and is mirrored across the model app making it easy to manage. 

Examples of model-driven apps include: 

  • The asset or inventory management enabling users to track or reserve assets for use; 
  • Employee onboarding tracking; or 
  • Expenses approvals for employees. 

Apps can easily be configured to enable mobile device input offering a wider range of user interaction opportunities. 

Power Pages: Connecting You with the World  

Power Pages enable customers to interact with your business using multiple channels. They are external-facing website applications where users outside the business can be granted access to data stored in the business’s Common Data Service (Dataverse) database. Portal App users must have an associated contact record in the Dataverse to gain access. 

Power Pages are created and configured using the Power Apps maker portal and are unique apps with a unique associated URL. Typical usage could be: 

  • A Customer Support portal, granting customers access to registration and tracking of issues or problems they have with your product or services. 
  • An Employee Support portal, granting all your employees’ access to your proprietary Knowledge Base; or  
  • A Registration Portal, granting access to anybody who wishes to register with your business – for any purpose you set i.e. to register for a course you provide as a business or to register for a follow-up meeting to discuss taking your product or services. 

The system provides authentication for all data access users, management of permissions and web roles to ensure the fundamentals of data protection are embedded into the application development and deployment lifecycle. 

Transform Your Business with Power Apps and MPWR-365 Expertise 

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