12 Most Popular Project Management Methodologies 

Project management constantly evolves, creating the need for various methodologies to excel in the field. Understanding popular project management methodologies can significantly enhance your expertise as a project manager. 

A project management methodology encompasses principles, techniques, and procedures applied by professionals. These methodologies differ in structure, deliverables, workflows, and the requirements for specific project management software. 

To excel as a project manager, familiarise yourself with these 12 methodologies to identify the most suitable one for your team



Often misconstrued as a methodology, Agile is more accurately a principle focused on collaboration, speed, iteration, and prioritising individuals over processes. Teams typically integrate Agile with methodologies like Scrum, Kanban, or Scrumban to create comprehensive project management strategies. 


A straightforward, sequential methodology where tasks cascade down in order, requiring completion of one before the next begins. This method fosters clear communication and is ideal for large projects with multiple stakeholders. 


Characterised by short ‘sprints’ of one to two weeks, Scrum suits both small and large teams. It involves regular meetings led by a Scrum master to ensure timely completion of tasks. 


Utilises visual boards to represent project tasks, helping teams visualise workflows and reduce bottlenecks. It is effective for teams of all sizes, particularly those operating remotely. 


A hybrid of Scrum and Kanban, this methodology allows for flexibility in task management while maintaining simplicity in project visualisation. 


Developed by the UK government for IT projects, PRINCE2 is a structured methodology following the Waterfall approach. It is best suited for large IT projects due to its comprehensive process and clear role definitions. 

Six Sigma

A quality management philosophy, often combined with Agile or lean methodologies, focused on process improvement and defect reduction. 

Critical Path Method (CPM)

Identifies and schedules critical tasks within a project, ideal for managing small to mid-sized projects with clear deliverables and deadlines. 

Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)

An extension of CPM, this method adds specific time requirements to tasks, improving project efficiency and resource allocation. 


Aims to reduce waste and maximise efficiency, suitable for teams facing efficiency challenges. It focuses on eliminating practices that consume resources without adding value. 

PMI’s PMBOK® Guide

A set of best practices rather than a strict methodology, PMBOK® guides teams through five phases of project management, from initiation to closure. It is adaptable to various project sizes and complexities. 

Extreme Programming (XP)

Designed for fast-paced projects with tight deadlines, XP favours quick iterations and high productivity, suitable for small to midsize teams. 

The importance of the right methodology

Choosing the right methodology depends on your team’s size, industry, project complexity, and specific needs. Whether you prefer a visual approach like Kanban or a more traditional method like Waterfall, there is a methodology to suit every team’s preference. Consider using a work management tool to enhance your methodology and streamline project execution. 

MPWR Projects can be adapted to each of these methodologies, making it a versatile solution for enterprises, with complex project and work management requirements. 

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