Case Study: Streamlining Electric and Gas Utility Operations with Microsoft Power Platform 


In the dynamic and critical sectors of the electric and gas industry, operational efficiency, responsive customer service, and data-driven decision-making are paramount for success and sustainability. Addressing the multifaceted challenges of this sector, our latest project underscores our dedication to utilising sophisticated technology solutions, specifically the Microsoft Power Platform, to enhance operational workflows, customer engagement, and strategic analysis. 


A leading electric and gas utility company faced significant challenges with its legacy systems, which were not only inefficient but also unable to keep pace with the growing demand for streamlined operations and enhanced customer service. The company struggled with manual data entry processes, slow response to customer inquiries and service requests, and lacked real-time insights into operations and customer needs. This situation necessitated a robust solution that could modernize their processes, improve customer interactions, and facilitate informed decision-making. 


Our solution harnessed the comprehensive capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform to transform the utility company’s operations, customer service, and analytics. The integrated digital solution comprised the following components: 

  • Power Apps: We developed custom applications using Power Apps to automate and streamline internal processes, including incident reporting, service requests, and maintenance scheduling. These apps provided a user-friendly interface for both employees and customers, facilitating easy reporting, tracking, and management of requests.
  • Power Automate: With Power Automate, we implemented automated workflows to enhance operational efficiency. This included automating notifications for service disruptions, maintenance reminders, and customer communication. The automation of these processes significantly reduced response times and improved service delivery.
  • Power BI: To enable data-driven decision-making, we integrated Power BI for comprehensive analytics and reporting. This provided real-time insights into operational performance, customer service metrics, and energy consumption patterns, allowing for strategic planning and performance improvement.
  • Copilot Studio: We deployed Power Virtual Agents to offer 24/7 customer support through intelligent chatbots. These virtual agents were capable of handling common inquiries, and service requests, and providing instant responses to customer queries, enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement.
  • Power Pages: To further improve customer interaction and self-service capabilities, we created a dedicated customer portal using Power Pages. This portal allowed customers to submit service requests, view account information, and track the status of their inquiries and service requests in real-time.


The implementation of the Microsoft Power Platform revolutionised the electric and gas utility company’s operations, leading to significantly improved efficiency, customer satisfaction, and strategic insight. The custom applications and automated workflows reduced manual processes and operational costs, while the real-time analytics enabled by Power BI informed strategic decisions and operational improvements. The introduction of Power Virtual Agents and the customer portal enhanced the customer service experience, providing immediate, round-the-clock support and self-service options. 


This case study demonstrates the transformative impact of leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform in the electric and gas industry. By embracing this integrated digital solution, the utility company not only optimised its operations and customer service but also positioned itself to respond dynamically to future challenges and opportunities. Our expertise in deploying Microsoft Power Platform solutions showcases our commitment to driving digital transformation and operational excellence in the utilities sector. 

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