Maturity Assessment

Transform Your Business with MPWR365 Power Platform Maturity Assessment

Embrace the full potential of digital transformation with MPWR365’s Power Platform Maturity Assessment. Tailored to elevate your internal capabilities, this assessment guides you in harnessing Microsoft Power Platform’s low-code solutions to revolutionize your business. Join the thousands of organizations worldwide who are leveraging this technology for innovative, efficient operations.

Our Power Platform Maturity Assessment is not just an evaluation; it’s a strategic tool to fast-track your adoption of Microsoft Power Platform. Drawing on insights from our successful collaborations, we’ve pinpointed the key themes, practices, and behaviors that drive digital transformation. Our assessment revolves around the Power Platform Maturity Model, crafted to identify your current position and chart a course for comprehensive digital advancement.

Maturity Assessment Outcomes


  1. In-depth Insight: A thorough understanding of how the Power Platform can maximise your technological investment.
  2. Centre of Excellence Starter Kit: Deployment of the Power Platform Centre of Excellence Starter Kit in your environment, setting the foundation for excellence and innovation.
  3. Detailed Environment Analysis: A comprehensive report with insights and recommendations for best practices in platform management.
  4. Governance and Adoption Plan: An actionable, prioritised list of governance and adoption recommendations, tailored to introduce a balance of order and flexibility in your environment.
  5. Enhanced Data Protection and Compliance: Insights into improving data protection and compliance within your Power Platform usage.
  6. Operational Efficiency Recommendations: Strategies to overcome operational inefficiencies and optimise resource management.
  7. Customised Improvement Roadmap: A bespoke roadmap to address specific challenges, from data management to innovation implementation, ensuring a transformative impact on your business.
Choosing MPWR365 for your Power Platform Maturity Assessment means partnering with a team that not only understands the technology but also how it can be strategically applied across various industries. Our unique approach combines in-depth technical knowledge with practical business acumen, ensuring that your journey with Power Platform is not just about technology adoption but about achieving holistic business transformation.
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