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Elevate Enterprise Project Management with MPWR Projects

Connect strategy, planning and execution from a single tool, powered by your data.

The ultimate solution for seamless project management.

Comprehensive Project Management

All-in-one platform for managing objectives, change control, resources, schedules, and financial oversight of all your projects, with the power of Dataverse and Microsoft Power Platform.

Scalability and Flexibility

Adaptable to your ambitions. From small teams to vast enterprises, MPWR Projects scales to fit.

Everything Connected with our Integration Capabilities

Works where you do. Out-of-the-box, seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, Office 365, SAP, Jira, Salesforce, and dozens more, including the potential for bespoke integrations utilising powerful APIs. And since all your data is in Dataverse, leverage its power for comprehensive insights, and Power BI analytics.

This is more than just a tool designed for dynamic alignment and cross-functional collaboration; it's a catalyst for organisational synergy.

Financial Overview

Set budgets, capture all costs, report accurately on variances, and provide clear delegations.

Resource Management

Capture all resource time and cost management for projects and build actionable reports.

Change Control

Build a robust change control process to keep tight management control over scope creep, time and costs for all projects.

Portfolio, Program and Project hierarchy

No matter how complex your project environment is, structure your requirements to group and capture all projects to meet your reporting and management needs. 

Boost your capabilities with the power of AI.

Copilot out of the box means you and your team have all the capabilities of Microsoft's Copilot, powered by chatGPT4, at your fingertips, inside MPWR Projects, helping you accelerate project delivery.

MPWR Projects elevates enterprise project management beyond generic, mass-market tools by offering tailored, high-performance solutions. Exceed expectations and deliver exceptional outcomes.

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